Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Walking off a cliff

Yeah, so this was my photoshop editing picture.  The lady is letting the kids walk off the cliff.  Oh, and it says "never give up" in the sky.  Inside joke.  Cieling cat is in the top left.  There is something beneath the lady's feet.  This was easy to make besides the lasso tool part.  And it was fun in the process.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I actually liked the final product, though I probably spent too much time on it.  I liked how the colors blended.  I think this piece is fairly sucsessful.  I atleast made one, so I think it's ok.  I could absolutely not draw the chess pieces so I just colored over them.  The chess board worked though.  I would fix the shadows if I could.  The most difficult part of this was making sure it didn't look horrible.  I learned how to draw a chess board from this.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Stencil art

In photoshop I followed Mr. Sands' instructions and used treshold, which changes the black/white contrast on your picture.  Mine was of a temple, and a lot of people had said it doesn't look like one...  I think the positive/negative space worked out kind of well for me.  I cut out the black and not the white in my picture.  For my collage I just stuck a bunch of similar pictures in bunches.  It's composition was mostly made of random stuff.  When using the xacto knife, I found it highly annoying to cut through the material and I was thankful that I did not make a more complicated stencil like Brooke's tiger.  The spray paint on the stencil was the most fun part to me.  I used pink, blue, and white on mine.  The backround was red before I spray painted it.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Personally, I think that the balance of my drawing was pretty good.  You can see that the little pig-thing-whatever had a bit of coarse fur and the woods in the backround have a nice, sketchy look to them.  To add contrast, I made pretty much all of the pig's body colored, but the fur, eyes, and ears uncolored.  Only the outline of the branches are colored, and it makes you focus on the animal more than the backround.  The contrast is important because it's major to have differences in color, otherwise it would just be a piece of colored paper. -unfinished

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Chalk pictures

  It was sort of hard to work with my team, when pretty much one person was doing most of the work (It wasn't me).  It was pretty fun at first, but I think it wasn't as fun as I had expected.  The work was worth it at the end when our chalk mural thing was done.  The importance of collaborating isn't as important as long as everyone know how to agree with the other group members.  If all of you work together, too, then that's another plus, as the project will be finished faster.  I think that our project was pretty sucsessful, though it would  have been even better if we could draw a bit better.  It ended up pretty well, though the abduction ray is kind of off-kilter with the spaceship.  Otherwise it's fine.  I think it's pretty nice that we made things that other people could interact with on campus.  Though I really don't think that anybody will stop to take a picture with these drawings.  They'd probably just walk by.

Value Portrait

  I started with drawing the outline of her face, put the outline on paper, and then shaded her face in.  I found a lot of dark colors pretty much covering her whole face.  Her nose, her hair, a bit of one lip, and like one tooth were brighter than the rest  I didn't get all of the color range correct, but I did get a pretty good range in from the nose to the eyes.  It looks like the poor girl has some rare disease that makes your skin covered with big, shadowy patches.  This is definitely not neat.  Her face is backwards.  It took me four tries for me to make a good picture, and this is it.  It was kind of hard to figure out how to get the outline on paper, but I asked Mr. Sands for help about it.